Re: [xml] Using xml catalogs

On Mon, Mar 29, 2004 at 02:38:30PM +0200, Petr Novak wrote:
  Well, you don't use the local catalog, it's not that libxml2
doesn't handle it, it's that you make no use of it apparently.
xmlCatalogDump() dumps the global catalog, not the one which may
be used for the specific document. And without any DOCTYPE in your
instance I can't see how you expect the local catalog to have any

If it is in the local catalog, how I can get the pointer on it? 
For xmlACatalogDump() I need some xmlCatalogPtr as a parameter.
I see to docs and the one methods to get it is xmlLoadACatalog(),
but it need the name of the file with the xml catalog.

I have no DOCTYPE in my document, because I'm using RelaxNG for
the validation.

  The local catalog is only used during parsing/DTD validation.
There is no pointer from the parsed document to the local catalog,
it's only attached to the parser context during the parsing/DTD validation
phase, and destroyed with the context. Using a lower level API
you could have access to the context and preserve the catalog from
being destroyed 
      void              *catalogs;       /* document's own catalog */


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