RE: [xml] libxslt (second to latyest version) is too aggressive a bout namespace aliasing

Some sort of bug export/import is available in bugzilla, according to You can also use
xml.cgi (mentioned in,
though I have no idea how the author found out about it) to view one or more
bugs as XML, but I'm not sure whether you can do anything else with the
output.  According to,
bug activity isn't exported, but it looks to me like it's there if you use

I just searched the bugzilla docs and bug database for this information.
I'm not a bugzilla guru, so I don't know whether either approach actually
addresses the present need, but it seems promising.

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[1] kind of off-topic, but bug migrations between different 
bug registries
    is a real pain, having an XML export for a bug available 
as an on-line
    option and an XML inport too for bugzilla (which seems 
used by most
    OSS projects) would be a fantastic improvement IMHO.

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