[xml] binaries for WinCE building with embedded VisualC++


I'm newbie in xml and I have a problem when I want to use libxml on an
arm processor. I?m working in my final year project and I need using
libxml2 in a PDA with WinCE as OS.

I have been using Igor Zlatkovic's binaries (libxml.dll, iconv.dll and
zlib.dll) for Windows while I was working with embedded Visual C++ and
its POCKET PC emulator. And the results are really good!!!! But now I
have to build it in an ARM platform and I can?t use their binaries. I?ve
attempted building libxml in embedded Visual C++, but I?ve got many

I don?t know if someone has these binaries but if not, I would be very
grateful for any help in the process of building libxml in embedded

Thank you very much in advance,

Jorge Hernández

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