[xml] Problem with XSD?


I decided to switch from Xerces to libxml2. I have an Schema file and would 
like to validate documents agains such schema. libxml2 (as of 2.6.6) reports
there is something wrong with my schema, but I cannot identify where it is... 
Can anyone help me here? I'm attaching the schema and the document I would 
like to validate. The command line I gave to xmllint was

xmllint --schema network.xsd test.xml

The error I get is with the element "layout", which looks unparsable by 
libxml2. I tried different combinations of sub-elements in "layout", but with 
no success. I tried to check if I could find a list of not implemented tags 
in libxml2, but I didn't find any. I must add that both the XSD and the XML 
files are accepted by Xerces normally, w/o any errors, so they are valid.

Regards, Andre.

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