[xml] Loading libxml2 on windows

Excuse me if I'm missing something blindingly obvious, but put me on
windows and I'm a fish out of water:-(

I'm getting quite a few requests for a binary version of mod_proxy_html
from Windows users.  So recently I've taken the time to build one.

Loading this module into Apache requires libxml2 to be loaded first.
So I took the opportunity to download the latest Windows binary.
However, I now find libxml2 declines to load into Apache.

I have successfully loaded it in the past, so I experimented with the
earlier versions both of Apache and of libxml2.  The outcome of this
is that older-libxml2 loads successfully into any version of Apache,
whereas current-libxml2 won't load into any Apache.

Both Apache versions are apache.org's .msi installers.  Both
libxml versions are from Igor Zlatkovic's site.  I don't have
details of the older versions, but the libxml2.dll file has a
datestamp of Oct.8 2002, when it was presumably current.

The relevant APR (Apache) code appears to be using Windows
calls "LoadLibraryEx" and "LoadLibraryExW".  The error message
appears to be a system error returned from windows saying
"No such module" (paraphrased from memory).

So, what has changed that would cause it not to load, and
how would I compile a working version?

Nick Kew

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