Re: [xml] exception/segfault on xmlFreeDoc()

Streaming interface, D'OH!
Yeah, you are totally right. I forgot that. And I had no intention to
insult you. I am sorry. :/

You have been very helpful in the past, although I posted some stuff,
that I shouldn't have posted. But sometimes I can't spend that much time
on the libxml work and after looking into it for quite a while I don't
see anything wrong anymore (I guess many people know that problem). But
I get more and more experienced with the usage of libxml2, so most
problems solve itself after a little while. In this case I used the
wrong function. I used to read XML files with xmlParseFile(), didn't
know about the xmlReadFile() and thought you meant I should use the
xmlReader interface instead. Missunderstanding. My bad.

And I tell what is quite annoying. Make code, that used the MSXSML2
before, work with libxml2, too. Without changing the interface!!! (all
those damn IXMLDOMDocuments!) :/

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