[xml] Re: libxslt question

Lucas Brasilino wrote:


I have a large xml document that I want to break down and transform into many smaller files. For each occurrence of "/foo", I want to create a new file that is built using an xsl transformation based on the foo-Node.

    It's a XSLT question, not a libxslt question. Take a look at
<xsl:document> element at XSLT specs.

Thanks. I was looking at an old draft of XSLT (1999) which didn't have that element. However, I'm still not sure how to use it.

Which function does the actual writing of these sub-documents? And what happens if the stylesheet tries to place them in directories that do not exist, will those then be created? I'm asking because the document names and directories they are places in should in my case be derived from the input data.

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