Re: [xml] MacOSX specific problem when using xmlXPathNodeSetIsEmpty()

xmlXPathNodeSetIsEmpty is a macro defined in include/libxml/xpath.h:

#define xmlXPathNodeSetIsEmpty(ns) \
    (((ns) == NULL) || ((ns)->nodeNr == 0) || ((ns)->nodeTab == NULL))

so all it is doing is comparing a few data values to zero. I cannot see what the problem might be;
there are no compiler errors when I build the code.

I notice you're using C++.  How is _query defined?

Steve Ball

On 18/06/2004, at 7:14 AM, Håkon Skjelten wrote:


I'm working on a project where we use libxml2 to store level data. The code
works perfectly on GNU/Linux (PPC/i386/AMD64) but it fails on MacOSX.

The code that fails is the xmlXPathNodeSetIsEmpty(_query->nodesetval)
function call. For some reason it returns TRUE on MacOSX even though this is not correct (same code & XML file returns FALSE in GNU/Linux). All other
libxml2 functions seems to work fine on the Mac.

The method that fails:
int XMLParser::query_start(std::string xpath)
  if (_query != NULL)
     return -1;

  _query_element = 0;
  xmlXPathContextPtr context = xmlXPathNewContext(_xmlDocument);
  _query = xmlXPathEvalExpression( (xmlChar*)xpath.c_str(), context);

  This does not work either:
     if (xmlXPathNodeSetGetLength(_query->nodesetval) == 0) {
  if (xmlXPathNodeSetIsEmpty(_query->nodesetval)) {
     _query_matches = 0;
     _query_attr = NULL;
  } else {
     _query_matches = _query->nodesetval->nodeNr;
     _query_attr =  _query->nodesetval->nodeTab[0]->properties;

  return 0;

_query_matches always equals 0 on MacOSX (and if I skip the entire test and set _query_matches = _query->nodesetval->nodeNr; I get a segmentation fault).

The same problem occur both on old and new versions of libxml2.

Is this a known problem? Are there any known workarounds? Suggestions?

Håkon Skjelten  (skjelten pvv org)
Student, Engineering Cybernetics
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
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