RE: [xml] libxml2 2.6.10 links with

My problem is that libxml2 is linking against the library in
/usr/local/lib, but I need to move the library to systems that
do not have
gcc installed.

You have to link with the -static-libgcc option (for gcc).

Can I automate the inclusion of this option? I've tried setting the LDFLAGS
environment variable as the configure script suggests, but this appears to
be overwritten by the various libxml2 makefiles.

Background info: we are tracking the libxml2 source using our CVS
repository. When we check out our product, libxml2 is also checked out. Our
makefile calls the libxml2 configure script and then builds libxml2.  We
configure libxml2 for each platform that we support, so I'd like to avoid
maintaining multiple makefiles.


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