Re: [xml] VMS and Including Schemas

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xs:schema xmlns:xs=""; elementFormDefault="qualified" 
        <xs:include schemaLocation="xml$d_com:bnd2ML.xsd"/>

The error is saying that XML$D_COM:BND2ML.XSD is not a valid URI. I have
tried variations with file://... etc but with no luck.

The code is being compiled on a VMS operating system.

You might find that changing the : to a / works. (See RFC1738, section
3.10 for details and a VMS specific example of a file:// URL)

So try:

If that fails, try URL escaping the $ as %24 as well/instead.

I vaguely remember that file:// URLs worked on libxml under VMS for me.

Hope that helps,


PS - You probably want to lose the disclaimer from the bottom of your
email, since it is incompatible with the terms of use of this mailing
list, since it's publicly archived.

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