[xml] a couple of issues using tree.c (xmlReconciliateNs and xmlTreeErr)

I have recently hit 2 issues using tree.c

When using xmlReconciliateNs and the subtree contains a XML_ENTITY_REF_NODE
with a XML_ENTITY_DECL child node, it crashes when it hits the
XML_ENTITY_DECL node (as I dont believe it should be checking children of
the XML_ENTITY_REF_NODE node). Crash happens in xmlStrEqual from the
xmlSearchNsByHref call. xmlReconciliateNs should check for nodetype either
at the first while (node != NULL call) or when attempting to browse the full

Next is with xmlTreeErr. Error messages no longer contain any trailing /n.
Checking for the trailing /n has been used in the past by apps in order to
know when to display error/warning messages, as the messages are sometimes
broken up and needed to be handled as a single chunk. Can /n be added back
to these error messages like they were in at least the 2.5 branch?



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