[xml] What is the procedure to build a static libxml2 ?

I'm building libxml2 on Solaris 8.  Solaris 8 comes with
libxml2 2.5.x installed in /usr/lib .

Sun's recommendations put /usr/lib in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable,
which means that each application which needs to use libxml2 2.6.x
has to write a shell wrapper to override that variable.

Rather than doing that, I'd like to build a static libxml2 for
linking purposes.

When I look at configure --help for libxml2 , it says:
                          build static libraries [default=yes]

So, since this is turned on by default, I would expect that the .a
library to be built.  But instead, all I am getting is the .so

I tried specifying the --enable-static on my configure statement.
But I still don't seem to be getting the .a file.
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