[xml] Re: Bug or User Error

Ron Ohmer wrote:

Just another piece of info to this mystery..

My output shows:
HEAP[AMS V2 Client.exe]: HEAP: Free Heap block 13e0768 modified at 13e0790 after it was freed
At error time..

Well, let's see. Executable with a name ending in '.exe', that's either Windows or OS/2. Usually, at least, you can of course name your executables that way on Unix as well. However, seeing those heap addresses at 0x01[2|3|4]xxxxx, it's Windows. Oh, and it clearly states that something wrote into memory that didn't belong to it, fourty bytes beyond the start of the block which once belonged to it.

But, what and why did it? If I can get this crystall ball to work, I'll tell you. :-)

The time to debug has come.


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