Re: [xml] Problems again, functions that don't existe in HP-UX, u rgent (I k now that all say this)

Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

Pinho external infineon com wrote:

We have a manager to that machine, he's the only one with permitions to
install what we want, but when I asked him to compile the latest version of libxml2 he didn't wanted to, he didn't want to install all the dependencies

You don't seem to listen. :-) You were advised to compile and install it yourself, using your home directory where you certainly have write access. You don't run HP-UX from a CD-ROM. Your machine can have managers galore, you can always install things in your home directory. In fact, there is nothing your manager can do to prevent it... hm, unless he told you that there will be a free place for an external should you try to install something :-)

And what for dependencies? Libxml depends on nothing but the C runtime. Iconv and zlib you can configure away.

Daniel Veillard already gave me some clues, I will follow them to see the

Yes, it's a good idea to follow Daniel's advice on libxml.

About the work infineon, just try it :)

I just lost all interest. No way. Having a manager for a workstation... no day would be my day. :-)


It would also be very advisable to take someone's advice from the list and determin exactly what version of libxml that you are using. There are some "features" (undesirable)... in some older versions.... It's always good to know exactly what you are dealing with.. we don't necessarily need to know, but it might be an idea for you to!

Good Luck,

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