RE: [xml] Problems again, functions that don't existe in HP-UX, u rgent (I k now that all say this)

We have a manager to that machine, he's the only one with permitions to
install what we want, but when I asked him to compile the latest version of
libxml2 he didn't wanted to, he didn't want to install all the dependencies

Daniel Veillard already gave me some clues, I will follow them to see the

About the work infineon, just try it :)

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rgent (I k now that all say this)

Pinho external infineon com wrote:
Sorry, I've never worked with HP-UX before, so any major compilation 
is kind of a mistery to me.

I made the code based on the API posted on your libxml2 site, to 
create a xmlDocPtr I used xmlReadDoc and xmlReadFile to create the 
pointer from a file or from a char* (Because this functions allowed me 
to set na option to ignore whitespaces). As this functions don't exist 
in HP-UX and I've never worked with HP-UX (a collegue of mine does the 
instalation) I was hopping that you or someone with more know how that 
me of the libxml2 could get me some way to create a xmlDocPtr without 
any ignorable whitespaces with the functions that are implemented in 

Sorry about my lack of experience in libxml2 and if you could get me 
na alternative to the function I would be very thankful

But... if you didn't compile libxml2 and installed it on the machine you 
are working on, which library are you using? HP doesn't deliver libxml2 
preinstalled on their PA-RISC systems. Someone must have installed it at 
some point, perhaps as a part of something else, GNOME perhaps?

With that, it can well be that you are trying to use the old libxml 
version 1.x.x which somehow ended up on the system. That won't work. Can 
you do a xmllint --version, what does it say?

There is nothing specific to HP-UX in libxml2. It has the same functions 
on all platforms. Follow the advices given to you so far. Install the 
recent version in your home directory, no privileges needed for that, 
and link your program using the static libxml2.a.

Hmm... by the way... if you don't make your schedule, does it leave a 
free place for an external at Infineon? :-) :-)  Hm... shouldn't have 
said that. I'll go silent :-)


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