Re: [xml] Problems again, functions that don't existe in HP-UX, u rgent (I k now that all say this)

But that's what I'm saying... you don't need to install it "on the system". Just install it in the working directory where you are compling your application. Then link your application against (even statically if you have to...) the library.

Maybe I'm missing something...


Pinho external infineon com wrote:

The problem are the dependencies of the HP-UX libxml2 version, I don't have
permittion to install it, there must me a way to do this without using the
functions that appear in the last version...

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Well, if you are compiling your source code with a C compiler, download the newer source code version of the xml library and compile it on HP-UX. Seems like a no-brainer to me... you can even install the library in a private area that only your executable knows about if you are worried about breaking compatability with other apps that are using the library. This is what I did on .. gasp.. SCO Unix.


Pinho external infineon com wrote:

Hi There,

I'm in a jam right now, first I used the xmlWriter API and it didn't existed in HP-UX release (changed the code to support other functions), and now it's reading the XML.

I was using the function xmlParseFile and xmlParseDoc, but then I noticed that some persons send me some xml files and strings with identation, so i searched the parser API and I used xmlReadDoc and xmlReadFile (worked great), at least until I found out that this functions don't exist in HP-UX version of libxml2, I tried other like xmlCreateDocParserCtxt, xmlCreateURLParserCtxt and xmlParseDocument, but his also don't exist for the latest release for HP-UX :(

How can I create a xmlDocPtr with no whitespaces, using the functions availble in HP-UX?

Please help, I've got until today to deliver this !?!?!?


Luís Pinho

P.S.: Daniel I don't know you but please help me on this one, I'm sure you already done something like this _______________________________________________
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