Re: [xml] Problems again, functions that don't existe in HP-UX, urgent (I k now that all say this)

Well, if you are compiling your source code with a C compiler, download the newer source code version of the xml library and compile it on HP-UX. Seems like a no-brainer to me... you can even install the library in a private area that only your executable knows about if you are worried about breaking compatability with other apps that are using the library. This is what I did on .. gasp.. SCO Unix.


Pinho external infineon com wrote:

Hi There,

I'm in a jam right now, first I used the xmlWriter API and it didn't
existed in HP-UX release (changed the code to support other functions), and
now it's reading the XML.

I was using the function xmlParseFile and xmlParseDoc, but then I noticed
that some persons send me some xml files and strings with identation, so i
searched the parser API and I used xmlReadDoc and xmlReadFile (worked
great), at least until I found out that this functions don't exist in HP-UX
version of libxml2, I tried other like xmlCreateDocParserCtxt,
xmlCreateURLParserCtxt and xmlParseDocument, but his also don't exist for
the latest release for HP-UX :(

How can I create a xmlDocPtr with no whitespaces, using the functions
availble in HP-UX?

Please help, I've got until today to deliver this !?!?!?


Luís Pinho

P.S.: Daniel I don't know you but please help me on this one, I'm sure you
already done something like this
xml mailing list, project page
xml gnome org

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