Re: [xml] xmlschemas.c patch, take 2

On Sat, Jan 24, 2004 at 04:45:33PM +1100, Steve Ball wrote:
The CVS repository already has the uninitialised dictionary bug fixed,
so this patch takes care of the case where the schema document is
supplied by the application and was being freed twice.  With this 
patch, the
schema document is the responsibility of the application and libxml2
will not free it.

  Applied with a change, when adding parts to a public structure, new
fields must be added at the end to preserve backward compatibility.

I still think that the document should be copied (but only once), since
it will be changed when parsed (whitespace stripped).  However, if the
application cares then it can make its own copy.

  Yeah, maybe one day I will be able to change the parser to keep
the document read-only, but in the meantime I prefer to keep as-is,


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