AW: Re: WG: [xml] memory leak in xmlTextWriter? - Email found in subject - Email found in subject

  A couple of warnings:
    - first I just fixed in CVS another memory leak in xmlwriter.c
      (the string used for indentation was never freed)
    - also for the people who used testWriter.c from the example
      section should be warned that there was a lot of memory leaks
      in that example code, they are now fixed in the CVS and on-line

Alfred, please check the section about memory management debugging in
See how I modified to
log memory allocations (in an environment where libxml2 is configured
with memory debugging).

Yes, thank you. I looked at them and I see, that it would have helped
me a lot, if I had known about the memory debugging feature :-).
And there is also a lot of documentation on, which waits
for me to read it...

Servus -- Alfred

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