[xml] Problem with HP-UX



   I’ve been making several developments using libxml2 (win32 version), when I saw that you also had a HP-UX version I tough that I could use the same code on both systems…


 I used some of the examples posted at your site www.xmlsoft.org and serialized C structs and objects using XML. I used the xmlWriter API to get the serialized object in a XML format. All went well in win32, no problems found.


 When I tried to compile the code in HP-UX, I get an error that it couldn’t find libxml/xmlwriter.h ?? I opened the depots and I couldn’t find any trace of the functions I used (with xmlWriter prefix).


Is the HP-UX version different from win32 version? Do I have to recode the serializer to make it work in HP-UX?



Thank You,


Loletama Pine

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