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Could you perhaps resend this with line breaks? It's unreadable.

On Mon, 2004-01-19 at 15:57, Ron Ohmer wrote:
I have a function to work with a configuration file called
XML_Add_Key(char *Key). Key is a semi-colon delimited list of the
keys, like key1;key2;key3 would be:   Ok.. Thats fine, I have a
semi-recursive routine that seems to add everything correctly, BUT,
when it writes it out, it is the original file.. No changes.. Here is
the function, basically, you can skip down to the  key... Thats where
the search and replace is.. bool XML_Add_Key(char *key) {
sprintf(tmpstr,"Entering XML_Add_key(%s).",key); logger(tmpstr,0); //
Lets see if the Key already exists if(XML_Key_Exists(key)) {
sprintf(tmpstr,"%s already exists.",key); logger(tmpstr,0);
return(true); } // Ok, first we have to get our keys.. We will allow
16 levels deep. Key_Struct Keys[16]; char *TOKEN=new char[128]; char
*tmpkey=new char[1024]; strcpy(tmpkey,key); int a=0; int TotalKeys=0;
TOKEN=strtok(tmpkey,";"); while(TOKEN!=NULL) {
strcpy(Keys[TotalKeys].Name,upcase(TOKEN)); TotalKeys++;
TOKEN=strtok(NULL,";"); } delete(TOKEN); delete(tmpkey); //Ok we have
our keys.. Now lets find everything.. xmlDocPtr doc; xmlNodePtr
cur,prev; xmlChar *xmlkey; doc=xmlParseFile(CONFIG_FILE);
if(doc==NULL) { sprintf(tmpstr,"Cannot open configuration file:
%s.",CONFIG_FILE); logger(tmpstr,1); a=0; sprintf(tmpstr,"Exiting
XML_Add_Key(%s), rc==FALSE.",key); logger(tmpstr,0); return(false); }
int KeyCount; KeyCount=0; cur=xmlDocGetRootElement(doc);
cur=cur->xmlChildrenNode;  while(KeyCount<=TotalKeys) {
if((!xmlStrcmp(cur->name,(const xmlChar *)Keys[KeyCount].Name))) {
KeyCount++; cur=cur->xmlChildrenNode; } if(cur->next==NULL) {
cur=xmlNewTextChild(cur,NULL,(xmlChar *)Keys[KeyCount].Name,NULL); int
res; res=xmlSaveFile(CONFIG_FILE,doc); KeyCount++; } else {
cur=cur->next; } } } Any suggestions as to why this does not work, pls
email me. 

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