Re: [xml] xmlIO extensions


I found time again to work on xmlzipio. And... what should I say... I
stumbled over some problems :-(...

There are some more things to improve:
1) change zip.c/unzip.c to use xmlIO instead of libc for fileio

The idea was to provide some way to concatinate the IO handlers
(ie. zip:http://somehost/!/data.xml). I wanted to use the
included IO handlers to get the comressed file and then continue with
the extraction.
The problem is fseek... xmlIO does only provide open/read/write, but
the zip code needs seek aswell, because I have to jump from the header
to the content etc. I could of course create temp files before realy
extracting them, but this doesn't sound nice. As far as I know all
xmlIO handlers which work on non local files already do some kind of
caching, so we would get two layers of caching. Would it be possible
to include seek into the xmlIO interface? I's there a third way to
solve this Problem?

2) change the xmlZipWrite to write directly into the file without
   copying all data to a temporary file. (It's quick enough right now,
   but I don't use very big files right now)

I didn't target this yet.

I hope someone can give me a hint...
Bye Christian

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