RE: [xml] structured errors in python bindings

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To: Stphane Bidoul
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Subject: Re: [xml] structured errors in python bindings


  I have mixed feelings about this. The portability 
might be a bit of a problem but in my opinion the main
problem is taht it makes reading the test harder. It is
useful to be able to point people to the Python tests as
examples of programming libxml2 Python bindings, and the
unittest framework make itless readable. It's a bit like
the difference between xmllint.c code and the examples 
doc/examples/ directory. On the other hand more tests is
always good so if it makes it easier or more interesting
for you to generate those test then go ahead !

Right. I'll try to keep an eye on readability when
writing new tests. 
  Also I think I didn't replied to your suggestion to
rewrite a compatible Python XML layer based on the SAX2 
native interface, yes I thik this would make a lot of sense
but I doubt I can focuse on it myself.

I've not much free time ATM, so don't hold your breath.


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