Re: [xml] Case-insensitive FS causes problems on mac-osx...

On Jan 2, 2004, at 1:43 AM, Phil Frost wrote:
One workaround would be to create a UFS partition and do your dev work
on that. Not really a fix, or specific to libxml, but it works :)

I thought about that, but I have no room on my HDD for another partition, no matter how small. :( For now, I'm content to have CVS yell at me because I've still got a fwe FreeBSD desktops lying around. I'm surprised no one else has complained about this. Daniel, would you accept patches to make the filenames unique for case-insensitive file systems (HPFS+, NTFS, FAT)? If so, any particular preference for how to handle, for example, libxml-debugxml.html and libxml-debugXML.html? Would renaming things to just libxml-debugxml2.html be sufficient?


Sean Chittenden

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