[xml] structured errors in python bindings

Hi Daniel,

Here's a first try of mine to add structured
error handling in the python bindings. 

Basically, only xmlGetLastError() is supported 
with this patch. Still TODO: 
- structured error handling callbacks
- per context lastError
- something else?

If the patch looks clean, you can commit,
and I'll continue as time permits.

Also, I'm wondering if you'd consider accepting
new python tests written using the unittest module?
It's available since python 2.1 and available
as a separate download for 1.5 and 2.0.
It does not do that much but it tends to give
more structure to the tests, it makes it easier to
spot errors when they occurs, it's easy to
add memory debugging around each test 
(in setUp/tearDown), etc.
The attached tstLastError.py illustrates this,
tell me what you think.


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