[xml] xmlschemastypes.c:1755 - supporting "Name"

There is a "TODO" block on this line in support of the XML Schema
lexical space "Name". I'm trying to figure out what remains to be done
here. I would like to finish this implementation off but can't figure
out from the code what remains to be checked. The code looks like:

        case XML_SCHEMAS_NAME:
            ret = xmlValidateName(value, 1);
            if ((ret == 0) && (val != NULL)) {
            goto done;

A zero result from xmlValidateName means the "value" validated as a
"Name". I'm not sure what needs to be done if "(val != NULL)". 

I scoured the list archives but couldn't find anything on this topic. If
someone can give me a hint about what needs to be done, I'll do it.



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