Re: [xml] Search on (WAS: decoding xml entities)

Chris Ryland said:
Didn't work for me--you have to explicitly select "Only the APIs" to
see it (as you did).

I think there's a bug there--"Search all" should find it in the

Perhaps the problem is that, when using "Search all" I see "Found
results for query entities", but only about 50 or so are shown, with
indication (next page/page 1 2 3, etc.) of how to access the rest of
the results. Am I being stupid here?

On Saturday, February 28, 2004, at 02:50 PM, Dodji Seketeli wrote:

On Sat, 2004-02-28 at 20:09, Cory Nelson wrote:
I did that, and the function didn't (and still doesn't) come up.


I did the very same thing that William said and it worked for me
Here are the screenshots of what I got on my browser.



I don't think there's any question of stupidity, and I would have to
agree it's not obvious that the list is truncated (except for the
heading showing the total number of items which *could* be
displayed, if only one knew how to do it).  Looking quickly through
the php script (libxml2/doc/search.php) it appears that there is an
arbitrary limit of 75 items set.  Possible enhancements would be to
increase that limit, or to provide the capability to generate
continuation pages.  Another approach would be to enhance the
processing of the search string to allow some form of grouping of
terms, together with some boolean operators.  "Patches are always


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