[xml] Re: Search on xmlsoft.org (WAS: decoding xml entities)

Peter Jacobi said:
[Search on xmlsoft.org]

Perhaps all results from the APIs should get a quality bonus and all
results from the list a malus. This will most likely result in a
desirable ranking.

Well, personally I tend to agree with you, but "beauty is in the eye
of the beholder", i.e. I'm afraid some others would be annoyed by
having what *they* consider the most important class being
"pre-empted" by API hits.  I think, at the moment, the "ranking" is
determined by the number of times the selected word(s) appears
within the listed item (certainly not elegant).  It would probably
be more useful to enhance the searching to allow (at least) an "AND"
condition with additional words in the search string (rather than
the implicit "OR" that it does now).  "Patches are always welcome".


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