[xml] Re: Still problems when using libxml2 on mingw windows (includes patch)

Roland Schwingel wrote:
As I have seen it now, there was an identical patch applied in revision 1.9
(sheduled for 2.6.5) but then outbacked 3 months later with revision 1.10
(and now again in with revision 1.11)


Not strange. I did it in 1.10 because the way you want it was breaking on my system. There was also a bug report with others expiriencing similar problems with your patch.

In general, mingw does not need any __declspec declarations. It will export everything properly without them. Be it as it may, my mingw works with 1.10 but not with 1.11.

Well, I was in London for a week and will be in Munich for another. I won't be able to sort this out before the end of the next week.


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