Re: [xml] Still problems when using libxml2 on mingw windows (includes patch)

Hi Daniel (and List of course),

> > Here is my patch to include/libxml/xmlexports.h that fixes the problem
> > when compiling for mingw.
> >
> > Hope this time it can make it in....
>   okay, applied,
Thanks for applying. :-)

> > PS: Is there a public access to the libxml CVS? (just for looking what
> > is the current state of some files)
>   There is anonymous CVS access, but it's usually lagging behind by a few
> hours. See
> The module name might be libxml2 nowadays...
As I have seen it now, there was an identical patch applied in revision 1.9
(sheduled for 2.6.5) but then outbacked 3 months later with revision 1.10
(and now again in with revision 1.11)


Thanks again,

Roland, hoping this change can finally make it into next version of libxml2

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