"Re: [xml] XSLT trasformation is slow"


on 2/25/2004 10:20 AM millenium inwind it wrote:
I have a problem with our libxslt library, I have installed libxml2 and libxslt in sequence on an 
Hp-Ux 11.0 64bit machine, from source code and using gcc (GNU free C compiler), because i have the 
necessity to trasform ad Xml file trough a Xslt file in a CSV file and an Html file, I use di xsltproc 
included in libxslt source distribution, the Html trasformation is performed quickly, while the CSV 
trasformation require a long time, the input xml file in both trasformation is the same, but i can't 
undestand because there is a so  big difference time, can you help me with this problem?
The problem seems to be the big dimension of the input file, i have seen that all is performed in a short 
time  if the input file is about 1Mb, but for big file about 16Mb the Csv trasformation time grow 
why happen only for the Csv trasformation while the Html trasfomation is ever performed in short time?
Thanks a lot and best regards.

Just some info...

I get the following results here for your tests:

C:\Temp\csv>xsltproc -o result.xml --timing xml2csv.xsl test.xml
Parsing stylesheet xml2csv.xsl took 0 ms
Parsing document test.xml took 2843 ms
Running stylesheet and saving result took 2828 ms

C:\Temp\csv>xsltproc -o result.xml --timing xml2html.xsl test.xml
Parsing stylesheet xml2html.xsl took 15 ms
Parsing document test.xml took 2828 ms
Running stylesheet and saving result took 22453 ms

Never minding my system, the HTML transformation seems to take longer,
not the CSV transformation.

Typo: in the test file "XML2CSV.xsl" the 10th line should read:
"<xsl:for-each select="TD">" and not "<xsl:for-each select="/TD">" I guess.



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