Re: [xml] Release of libxml2-2.6.7

Daniel Veillard wrote:
  This is mostly a flush of the current CVS state to meet GNOME release
deadlines:  and GNOME FTP mirrors

 This contains mostly small bugfixes and performances improvements:
- documentation: tutorial updates (John Fleck), benchmark results
- xmlWriter: updates and fixes (Alfred Mickautsch, Lucas Brasilino)
- XPath optimization (Petr Pajas)
- DTD ID handling optimization
- bugfixes: xpath number with > 19 fractional (William Brack),
  push mode with unescaped '>' characters, fix xmllint --stream --timing,
  fix xmllint --memory --stream memory usage, xmlAttrSerializeTxtContent
  handling NULL, trying to fix Relax-NG/Perl interface.
- python: 2.3 compatibility, whitespace fixes (Malcolm Tredinnick)
- Added relaxng option to xmllint --shell

  Thanks to everyone who reported bugs or provided fixes,


Just is case you didn't notice, there are garbage .cvsignore files in the win32 and test directories. You may not want them to be in the tarball ;)


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