[xml] Compression Problem I think?

Here is the situation

I am currently using cygwin with the libxml2-2.4.22 and gzip1.2.4(I can't 
change this version..hardware uses this version).

I am currently trying to get the the programs to work with the new libxml2 
but running into problem with not determist...?

There are several C programs using an libxml2-2.4.22 that work fine. The 
difference from the C programs that work and the one that does not work?.is 
the one the doesn't work uses compression. The last call to the libxml2 
library is xmlSaveFormatFile. The program hangs at this point. It does not 
return our C program but probably hangs in the libxml2 library. 

What I would like to be able to do:
How do I get in tree.c(where the funxtion xmlSaveFormatFile is) and do some 
debugging so I can see where my problem starts.
(I have recompiled the libxml2 library with some printf calls in the tree.c 
file and got nothing?not sure of a way of getting in there and finding 
where the problem is)

I am not very infamilar with libxml2 I may have overlooks some debugging 

I hope I have added enough information

Thanks in advance

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