Re: [xml] Can't build DLL under MinGW

Vikrant wrote:
Hi Dmitry,

I am using libcml for one of my project. I am using Dev-C++ compiler with 
the mingw version supplied with it. I used MSYS and compiled the libxml 
without any errors.

Vikrant, thanks for your reply! Can you tell me which version of Dev-C++
(MinGW, gcc) and libxml are you using?

I just run which run the configure script automatically and you 
just need to run make and it will make the libxml dll or shared library.

And it seems you do not have widows SDK (ws2_32 ) in your mingw 
installation check it.

I have it actually, windows.h and stuff are present in my installation.

Regards, Dmitry Samoyloff

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