Re: [xml] Some things about xmlCharEncodingHandler

Okay, now I must clarify: I didn't say that you should overwrite the 
handler in any libxml function. You must do it in your program's code. 
That because only your program can know how and when to do it without 
crying thereafter.

Ah OK, alittle missunderstanding on my side. 

So, the only safe thing you can do to xmlNewCharEncodingHandler is to 
have it return the existing handler, if one is found. The caller, 
possibly the client application code, must then deal with the fact that 
callbacks possibly aren't the desired ones. The caller can then 
overwrite the callbacks in the returned handler at a time and in a way 
it knows is acceptable for the rest of application.

So the "patch" is OK and should be applied, right? 

I still think you should never need to replace the default handlers for 
a given encoding. Why would you want to do that?

I don't want to do that, I just had the thought, that somebody 
mightwant to do it in his program. I just thought about a few things, 
that could happen and what would be teh cause of the change to the 
xmlNewCharEncodingHandler function.

So long

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