[xml] Schema validity failure for valid document

I've attached a simplified version of a schema I'm working on and an
instance document that should validate against it.  I can't seem to
figure out how to get 'xmllint -schema' to accept this.  

I ran these same two documents through the LTG validator at
http://www.w3.org/2001/03/webdata/xsv and it accepts this document as
valid against the schema.

I've tried this both with version 2.6.16 (on FC2 linux) and with a
version built from CVS on 12/31/2004, both with the same result:

call_event_examples.xml:3: element call_event: Schemas validity error :
Element 'call_event' [CT local]: The element content is not valid.

Scott Lawrence
Consulting Engineer
Pingtel Corp.
+1.781.938.5306 x162

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Attachment: call_event_examples.xml
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