[xml] [ANN] XMLLib.osax for OSX.


We have released XMLLib.osax, a free osax for Mac OS X based on libxml2 and libxslt.

"osax" is the nickname for Open Scripting Architecture eXtension, in other terms an osax is a plug-in for AppleScript. AppleScript is both the scripting language and the inter-application communication language of the Apple platform.

In the name of the AppleScript community, I would like to thank every contributor to libxml2 and libxslt for the high quality and easy usability of these codes, which allowed us to make them into a robust and powerful tool for OSX.

XMLLib.osax is not really a new binding, since it defines a high-level layer over those libraries. XMLLib.osax is intended for developers who would like to use XML in AppleScript projects, including projects of professional size. Most modern Mac OS X applications favor exporting and working with XML files.

XMLLib also includes commands for the Property-lists (.plist files), Apple's fast lookup table XML structure.

XMLLib's commands:

Read me file:


Thanks for your attention!


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