Re: [xml] parser warning: URI is not absolute

  Daniel, Marian,

  thank you very much for links.

On Wed, 8 Dec 2004 04:11:45 -0500
Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> wrote:


  Well then you have misssed a big debate which went afterward:
  - a relatively clear description of the problem can be found at
  - the official W3C result

  I've looked at it. I dislike idea of interpreting namespace declarations
as URI references. Anyway, I have to follow agreements.

 In a nutshell:

"the use of relative URI references in namespace declarations are

It's still conformant to the spec, that's why it's only a warning at the
libxml2 level.

  By the way, there is no warning for the document

<z:doc xmlns:z='my-ns1'/>

  Maybe I just don't see difference with

<doc xmlns='my-ns1'/>

 If you really want to understand why, you can read the archives of the
xml-uri list for May-June 2000

  806 messages for May and 924 messages for June. Impressed.



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