Re: [xml] Making xmlXPathEvalExpression only report "enough" matches

On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 03:00:39PM +0100, Aleksander Øhrn wrote:

I'm using libxml2, and its XPath features in particular. When I invoke 

      xmlXPathObjectPtr xobj = xmlXPathEvalExpression(AsXMLchar(_expression.c_str()), ctx);


      xmlNodeSetPtr nodes = xobj->nodesetval;

gives me the set of all matches to my XPath expression. However, I use this in a piece of software where 
speed is rather important, and I don't really need all the matches. I only need the first n matches, where 
n is some configurable number.

Is there a way to make xmlXPathEvalExpression return when "enough" matches have been found, instead of 
having it return all matches? If yes, how?

  Answer is no. But there is kind of a similar optimization inside the
XPath engine to collect only the nth element in a list like in 
/foo[n] where n is a number, see xmlXPathNodeCollectAndTestNth().
What you would need is a special case for
     [position() < n]
     [position() <= n]
     [n > position()]
     [n >= position()]
You can dig xpath.c to try to implement this on top of the existing


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