Re: [xml] Is this condition (xmlFreeNodeList) supposed to crash?

Tomas Sieger said:
Jose Commins wrote:

    I do read the documentation :o)

    There is some work to do on the documentation, quoting the above
example, to compare:

    So does this mean it frees up all memory including new nodes created
with xmlNewDocText, for example?  It doesn't say.

Yes, I agree with you. Feel free and create a bug report regarding these
documentation issues :-).


Or better yet....

  The "Documentation" is automatically generated from the comments preceding
the actual coding in the corresponding C source file.  Rather than asking
for someone else to improve those comments, users are *very welcome* to
submit patches to those comments, enhancing the explanation for all to
enjoy.  Similarly, when there is some specific question as to what a routine
does, or how it does it, again the source code is "open" and most of it
should be understandable by anyone competent enough to use the routine
within his own code.  Sure, some questions still require a post to this
list, but after the question has been answered, why not spend a little time
and improve the source comments so that others can benefit from your
experience, then put that patch into your bug report (or post the patch to
this list) so that it can be implemented for the next release?


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