Re: [xml] Setting up libxml with php 5.0

On 8.8.2004 3:04 Uhr, Branko Grbac wrote:


Can somebody _please_ slap together a step-by-step guide to installing libxml on php 5.0 with Apache 2?

Completely wrong list... Use one of the php mailinglists for such questions...

I have read the php manual, but I so don't understand the installation part. I only want to be able to use the dom xml api...

The libxml2 part is easy. Either it comes already with your distribution (you didn't tell us, which OS you are using, so it's quite hard to guess), or you download the source files and do an

make install

likewise for PHP 5 (you have to add some configure options, but that will tell you ./configure --help or the manual...)


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