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Thanks for the info -- I was afraid of that. Out of curiosity, do you have any guess as to how far back would I have to go to reach a point where the CE files were known to build? The reason I am asking is that the project I am porting uses only a small subset of the whole library and is actually using a version that is about a year or so old (they didn't document which version they had so I just grabbed the latest when I was trying to build the CE files).



At 03:18 AM 8/4/2004, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
On 03/08/04 21:01, jim kirklin wrote:


I am working on a project that requires a version of LibXML to run on an
x86 based Windows CE device. After downloading the latest version o fthe
sources (2.6.11), I noticed taht the Windows CE workspace is missing the
ppcTest project as well as not finding some include files (most notable
is the iconv.h) and is looking for an include path of c:\ppc\. My
questions are pretty simple (and I have looked through the various
documentation and not found an answer yet) -- First, is the c:\ppc path
the Microsoft Pocket PC SDK and if so, which version of it (2000, 2002,
2003, or something else), If it is not the Pocket PC SDK, what is it?
Next, where can I get the ppcTest project that is referenced in the
workspace? And the last question is, are there other projects or files I
need to have before I can compile the library for Windows CE.

You cannot compile for Windows CE without some work. The files in win32/wince are hopelessly outdated.

You'll practically have to port the library. Perhaps the outdated things in win32/wince can serve as a starting point, but I fear you are on your own.

Wish you luck.


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