'Re: "Re: [xml] XPath question w/ libxml2"'


on 4/29/2004 4:05 PM Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 04:24:56PM -0600, Mark_Vakoc peoplesoft com wrote:

 Okay, I fixed the place in xpath.c where this broke predicate
selection. Now I'm also wondering if there is other places in the


code where this may show up, maybe something like
  0 = NaN
should be tested for this bug on the Microsoft platform too.
I think those are part of the "make tests" regression tests but
not run usually on the MSC or Borland compilers.

The attached patch to win32\Makefile.msvc starts the framework for
performing regression tests on Win32/MSVC.  Running nmake tests will run
all the available regression tests, currenly only XPathtests and
performs it as closely as possible to the unix tests, just using windows
scriping instead of unix [ba]sh.  I plan to add the other tests as well,
but this is slow going as I have never written a single shell script

Anyways, running nmake XPathtests with the current cvs head on
Win32/msvc6 passes all tests.

I'll post more patches as I add the various units.

  Cool !
  Applied and commited, thanks !


May the force bless you :-) That's exactly what I needed!
Could you start with adding the XMLSchema unit? ;-) I desperately tried 
to figure out how to make the XMLSchema tests on win side - but I'm much 
more a win script virgin than you are.



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