Re: [xml] XSLT question, regarding RSS

Adam Maccabee Trachtenberg wrote:
On Wed, 28 Apr 2004, Colin Fox wrote:

 > This default namespace doesn't have a name, so how am I supposed to
 > create an XSLT stanza that 'answers' to it, other than by not including
 > a namespace?

This is an oddity of XSLT and not at all intuitive at first
glance. However, this is also a FAQ. Try Googling for "xslt match
default namespace" and all will become clear.

Well, this is not an XSLT oddity, this is because XPath has no concept of a default namespace. For XPath, no prefix means no namespace, and not the default namespace of the stylesheet. What it means is that you have to declare a prefix for each and every namespace used in an XPath expression, even if the elements you want to select appear to be scoped by the default ns in the xml data.

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