Re: AW: [xml] [libxml2] xmlwriter in vc++ 6.0

Ok, I solved the problem with myself :)
Everything is OK if I call xmlSaveFileEnc() method before xmlFreeTextWriter() method.

Karol Rewera <karolrewera yahoo com> wrote:
Ok, I will give a little mofe details:
After running:
writer = xmlNewTextWriterDoc(&doc, 0);
I can see that all members of doc are initialized to NULL's but arter running functions:
xmlTextWriterStartDocument(writer, NULL, NULL, NULL);
xmlTextWriterStartElement(writer, BAD_CAST "EXAMPLE");
xmlDocPtr doc is stil initializet to NULL'a :( For verification I do this:

xmlSaveFileEnc(a_OutputPath, doc, "iso-8859-1")

and as result of this code I get something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="no"?>

So it looks like no data was written to writer (and doc) :(

You'v got any idee what can be wrong?

I use limxml2 as a dll.


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