[xml] xmlNewValidCtxt crash

Hi all,
I have trouble with xmlNewValidCtxt. I'm not sure I use it correctly (because
I cannot find any example to validation), but it looks like bug.
So, if I can validate XML document aganist DTD, I need validation context.
If I write:

        xmlValidCtxtPtr ValidCtxt = xmlNewValidCtxt();

compile it and run it, system "hang up" and process occupis the whole system
memory and it's killed (on my Red Hat 7.3 it occupies about 530MB of memory -
all my RAM and swap), on Red Hat 8.0 and FreeBSD it's interrupted with message:

./a.out: relocation error: ./a.out: undefined symbol: xmlNewValidCtxt

What's wrong? How I can validate the XML document against DTD and schema?

Petr Novak, Liberouter Project (www.liberouter.org)

Petr Novak
E-mail: novak merlot ics muni cz
Alternative e-mail: novak mironet cz

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