Re: [xml] Beta release of 2.6.0beta2

On Fri, Sep 26, 2003 at 09:57:18AM +0200, Stephane Bidoul wrote:
IMHO, the per context callbacks are fine.
The per thread callback for global errors can cause 
problems when a library (or  python module for instance)
is using libxml. Indeed when that library wants to catch 
global errors, it must register it's own handler, therefore 
overriding handlers that may haven been set by the main 
application or other libraries. 

  A lot of errors can occur outside of the context of parsing a
resource too. How do you handle them then ?

I known it could save and restore the previous handler
but this is quite cumbersome (it must be done in each
entry point of the library) and maybe quite complex
in the presence of callbacks. 

I was thinking of some sort of getLastError API but
I've no complete proposal to submit and have not thought
about API/ABI compatibility; just wanted to test the idea. 

  Well that would be a new API so there is no compatibility 


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