Re: [xml] Re: A new set of (tree) APIs for the XML parser.

 Yup seen the commits. I might be interested in borrowing some of
your code and ideas about dynamic loading of shared library, for example
if I were to try to extend tools like xsltproc with language interpreters...
Sure :) I am using ltdl and there is no much code in xmlsec itself. There were some problems
with Windows build but everything else was simple.

It's easy to check the later, just run with and without
--nodict to see the impact with --timing, this is less efficient w.r.t.
the memory consumption than what I expected but it's still a serious speed
OK, I'll do timing myself. Did not have a chance yet :)

Hum, no, it's not an user option. Currently it's limited to text nodes of less than 3 bytes or blanks nodes (formatting spaces)
of less than 60 bytes to not explode the dictionnary.
 The dictionnary size is important, or rather keeping lookup fast
is important both for string lookup and checking if a string pertains to
the dictionary (Lookup and Owns operations, see dict.c if interested).

I wonder if you can make these limits available to the application somehow. I have a use case when XML document has large (200-300 characters) repeating text nodes. I think that it would
be nice to cache these strings too.


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