Re: [xml] pb xsltproc path confusion with document() function

On Thu, Sep 25, 2003 at 05:49:03PM -0400, stephane mottelet utc fr wrote:

I got it.

with document(@href) when the href attribute contains
"foo.xml" then it is ok, xsltproc tries to find the
file in teh current folder.

with document(concat(@code,'.xml')) when the code
atribute contains "foo" then xsltproc tries to find
foo.xml in the stylesheet folder.

I have made the test. What is the difference ? An explicit

  No, you're still confusing a nodes and strings which are totally
different type and have different properties. Nodes have a base URI
and strings don't !
  @href is a node set , the result of concat is a strings.


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