[xml] Re: Re-use code or roll my own?

Daniel Veillard wrote:

Relax-NG is so flexible that doing the kind of work you suggest in
the general case is not trivial at all. You can't do it statically
in general, you would have to validate to then be able to make suggestions
But if you want to relax your constraints checkings, it might be
relatively easy to do this kind of lookups from libxml2 Relax-NG internals
but that will require new APIs, and some of it might not be trivial.

I realize that. In my own context, I can probably get away with a much, much simpler model than this, where I don't even need to make dynamic decisions. Which is why I was wondering if writing my own solution wouldn't be faster, and using the libxml relaxng code is a bit overkill, and writing those APIs isn't more work than it would be for a speciylized roll-my-own solution.

Now juging how long it would take, sorry I have no idea. But if you
think you don't have time to read and understand the existing code,
then I don't think you have time either to build a correct
implementation, so your question makes no sense to me. You're lucky
there is free code source available !

Yeah, and I'm very happy about it, too. I'll do some soul-searching as to how complex I want my data to be able to become.

Thanks for the prompt reply.


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